John B Winterburn
John B Winterburn
John B Winterburn Archaeologist, Writer, Photographer
        John B Winterburn Archaeologist, Writer, Photographer

Lectures and Talks

John provides lectures and talks to Local History and Archaeological Societies, Museums and other Community Groups.  If you would like to find out more about these talks then please get in touch and I will be pleased to provide you with more detail about each topic.


Lawrence of Arabia: The man behind the myth

A biography of T.E. Lawrence, including his early years at school and university, his time in the Middle East and his adventures during the Great Arab Revolt and concluding with his later years and untimely death. 


The Great Arab Revolt, 1916-1918

The story of the Arab uprising agains the Ottoman Empire that lead to the creationof the modern Middle East. It draws on the accounts and photographs of those who took part including T.E Lawrence (of Arabia). 


Half as Old as Time : The Nabatean City of Petra

An illustrated guide to the history, archaeology and people of the Nabatean City of Petra, in Jordan. 


The Iron Road to Mecca: The Hejaz Railway 

The history and industrial archaology of the Hejaz Railway.  Built at the start of the twentieth-century this narrow-gauge railway was planned to link the cities of Damascus and Mecca.  It was a Holy Railway for the transport of Hajj pilgrims and during the First World War it became the focus for attacks by Bedouin raiders and, famously, by Lawence of Arabia.


Taking the Shetland Bus

The story of the secret Second World War operations to transport spies, agents and refugees between Shetland and Norway. 


Hadrian's Wall

An illustrated trip along the wall, looking at the archeology and the impact that it has and continues to have on the landscapes. 


The Chiseldon Cauldrons

The story of the discovery, excavation, conservation and reconstruction (of one) of the Chiseldon Cauldrons. One of the most spectacular Iron Age finds made in Europe. 



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